AFSI recently celebrated Christmas Party with its leaders and employees.

It has been attended by the different departments such as from Used Car_Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Support, TQUID, Telesales and Sales and Marketing (Filipino and Japanese), Web Development, IT, Accounting, HR and Staff.

The event started with eating delicious and sumptous meal.
Afterwhich, the different teams prepared for their presentations which were the highlight of the party.

Every departments showed their skills during presentation through dancing, singing and even reciting a drama. The management as well prepared raffle draw and games which made the activity more exciting and enjoyable.

AFSI management shared simple bundle of gifts to its employees which they can use during their Christmas celebration together with their family.

Thus, it has been a Merry Christmas Party together with YOU.

AFSI management would like to extend sincere appreciation and thanks to all of the employees who works hard with us throughout the year. It has been a successful year because it is POWERED BY YOU.

Allied Fusion is POWERED BY YOU.