Allied Fusion acknowledged the hard works of every employees in different departments by recognizing the top agents last 15th of December 2021 in our Grand Launching and Christmas Celebration.

One of the Top Agents Awardee is Jeson Pedros known as Jes in Used Cars-Sales Department. Let us get to know him more and what makes him the top agent.

“I have been working with Allied Fusion as a Sales Agent or an Online Customer Support for almost a year after I resigned from my previous job as an ESL Teacher and Assistant Student Supervisor in a language school.

My experience taught me to identify the root of the problems and derives an effective solution which helps me to my current designation.

My 1st month at Allied Fusion as a Sales Agent was tough since I have no idea and experience about SALES. Hence, my colleagues and our leader guided me to learn and understand well with my new job responsibilities. I do greatly appreciate their assistance!

Moreover, I have faced several challenges in the previous months which almost made me give up. However, I was always impressed by our “NEVER GIVE UP” mentality which strengthened me to be the person I am today.

I believe what motivates me to strive harder and to be more competent towards my job is due to my team`s collaboration and hard work to attain our common objectives.

I also believed that because of my oustanding performance, I was recognized as a top 1 Sales Agent in Used Cars department.

I am deeply honored and grateful to receive the said recognition. It is a great opportunity for me to take one step forward to my professional goal.

On a closing note, all I want to say is that you should never give up, even if you think that its all over. Its not over unless you want it to be. “

Jeson Pedros (JES)
Sales Agent-Used Car Sales Dept, AFSI

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