Why Join Allied Fusion?

At Allied Fusion Services Inc., we are dedicated to delivering exceptional business process outsourcing (BPO) services that bridge the cultural and operational gaps between East and West. Our team, consisting of a diverse and highly skilled workforce, is committed to excellence in every aspect of our service delivery. With over a decade of experience, our global workforce supports clients across various industries with expertise in telemarketing, customer service, technical support, and more. By choosing Allied Fusion, you partner with a dynamic team driven by integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring your business thrives in a competitive landscape.




Our team at Allied Fusion Services Inc. boasts over a decade of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), providing exceptional support to clients worldwide. With operations in Cebu, Tokyo, and Osaka, we leverage our global presence to deliver top-notch services across various industries.


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including telemarketing, customer service, technical support, e-commerce solutions, workforce management, and web/software development. Our diverse expertise ensures that we meet all your business needs with excellence.


At Allied Fusion, we prioritize continuous improvement and innovation. Our commitment to delivering trust and exceptional service through advanced training and development programs guarantees the highest quality standards in every project we undertake.


We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic workforce that thrives on integrity, innovation, and teamwork. By focusing on customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility, we strive to be the employer and service provider of choice, ensuring your business achieves remarkable success.

Our Journey: Milestones and Achievements

Started with 5 employees for an e-commerce vertical
Ramped up to 560 FTE with Chinese joint venture partner for a BPO Services expansion. Piloted a team of 30 tech support reps for a known mobile device brand and peaked at 160 FTE in less than a year in operations
Project start for a New York based media account doing Sales and Retention activities for its customers
Implemented the Web Development and Design team supporting a North American client with 5 Developers as start-up.
Officially launch support delivery for APAC & AU Service Desk team for a Logistic Organization




We specialize in optimizing effectiveness and efficiency in the sales and marketing funnel.



Every customer is as unique and individual as your company or brand. If you do not treat them that way, your competition will. Allow us to support your business up to scale.



In the age of data, information is key to scale up any business. Our team of software engineers will be there to develop web and mobile applications to succeed and meet business objectives.



Rethink how to collect, manage, and analyze customer engagement data. We will help determine who, why, and how customers interact with you, then integrate analytics into decision-making for optimized operational execution.