Leaders’ Town Hall And Appreciation Night

“At AFSI, it has always been POWERED BY YOU.”

On November 10th, the management of AFSI held Leaders` Town Hall and Appreciation Night for the 2nd time.

It is a way for company`s organization to meet, appreciate and connect with the leaders who supported and committed to providing quality and effectiveness to both employees and clients. Without the leaders of different departments, it won`t be a successful AFSI; as we believed that Allied Fusion is POWERED BY YOU, our employees and leaders.

During the event, we looked back as to where we were before which started from a small company. And now, we are aiming to grow into a bigger organisation in the future. Everyone understands the goals and values of the organization. AFSI recognizes and appreciates the support and hardwork of every leaders to better and maintain excellent performance.

Thank you our Leaders!